Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mixed Elements.

   Before those movies with all the "People" in it, before the Neo... Neopro... Ne..., well cant really make that word into a joke, crap. 
   Anyways here is a movie that critically acclaimed snowboard film maker Pierre Minhondo made back in the year 2002, you remember 2002 right?, where the "hesh" kids were hesh just because they were dirty, and the "gangster" kids were gangster because they sold weed.
   This flick has some of my favorite snowboards in it, and im sure a few of yours are too, (unless you like the kind of snowboarding where people go upside down multiple times in one jump), wait... now that i think about it someone might have attempted to do that in this movie, ok just watch it . 


Parker said...

I actually just watched this for the first time a month ago. Pretty sicter. I also just watched a bunch of VHS tapes from JB Deuce (what later on became Think Thank) They spell Kooley as "cooley" and Robbie Sell as Robbie "Cell".

Messy Mess said...

Ha I just found that movie when i was "minimalizing"
I threw it away..