Monday, April 28, 2008

keep tahoe red(bull)

Tahoe gets pretty wild sometimes, like when there is a Redbull collage contest and Redbull pays for a bunch of kids to stay in the village unsupervised, yeah not smart, fun!, but not smart, i ended up getting a 40 oz. thrown at my head and got knocked out and fell down some a flight of stairs onto a bunch of glass, then ended up beating up the kid who did it all in my subconscious, not my style at all but im sick of getting punched and hit with things all the time, yeah don't remember a thing and i didn't really drink that much, here are a couple snaps i managed to take during the night

im down for this kid, redbull everywhere!
but he goes strait for coffee grounds. here helping people up just to knock em back down,
(ok ill give you a hint to who threw the 40 at me, McDonald's Spokesman.)

i think im going to start a band with this guy,
i dont know if he can play anything,
but he sure does have a top notch bloody face face.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the internet was clogged up.

ive posted a bunch of blogs over the past month and none of them went up, so i called up the internet and was all like "whats the deal man?" and then the internet was all "well there is a clog, so all the posts you made are just going to pour out all over your site at once." so the internet sent me a diagram on how to fix it. (see fig-1. below) so anyways i think the internet is fixed now, your welcome.*


*(i lied, i was just lazy)